Insulation R Value

Insulation R Value is a measure used to determine the thermal resistance of insulation used in the building of homes or office buildings.  Insulation works by restricting the flow of heat or sound through walls and also stops drafts that can flow through crack and gaps in older timber flooring.

Uninsulated homes are at risk of higher heating or cooling costs as they loose valuable heat during winter and gain unwanted heat over summer. Materials known to significantly resist the flow of heat or sound are called insulators or insulation and are installed into ceilings, floors and walls to minimise the need for heating and cooling or to soundproof your home.  The higher the Insulation R Value the higher the level of insulation.

Heat and sound can pass through any material, however, some materials are more resistant others. While timber is a better insulator than metal, glass and air, it still allows a substantial and expensive transfer of heat unlike materials such as animal fur, thick clothing, and even still air, which are more resistant.

Insulation Australia – Information about Insulation R Value

Insulation Australia are specialists in providing and installing Insulation R Value  high products in new and existing premises. With a solid reputation for superior products and customer care, our insulation services provide your home or office with the right insulation.

insulation r valueHigh Insulation R Value insulation creates a barrier between the heat in your home or office and the cold outside, which makes your premises more energy-efficient.  The thickness of the layer of insulation directly relates to the Insulation R Value.

Insulation Australia is a family owned and operated company that supplies and installs high performing insulation products with the support of practical and friendly advice. The company was established by a husband and wife team in 1998 after twenty years experience working in the building industry.

Our management team are equipped with extensive knowledge of all aspects of the insulation industry and we draw on the depth of experience provided by our extended team of trusted contractors who understand all facets of insulation installation.

Insulation Australia provide a wide range of insulation products and services, we are also always available to provide free advice on the best insulation option for your home or office. Our services include:

  • Choice between DIY or professional installation
  • Expert energy efficient design
  • Assessment of noise control options
  • Free product delivery to site
  • Manufacturers’ guarantees
  • Public liability insurance
  • assessment of the best Insulation R Value required

We provide  Insulation R Value  products throughout Melbourne, all of Victoria and can ship and arrange installation of your new insulation Australia Wide.    All our installations meet Building standards of Australia, all insulation r value products are supplied with a certificate of guarantee and compliance.