Optimo is the latest product offering from Bradford Insulation, and is set to complement the existing energy efficiency range of Bradford solutions for the home.

Homes with well-insulated ceilings and walls could still be losing as much as 15% of their heating and cooling energy use through the suspended timber sub-floor, costing the home owner money and increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

ptimo, which can be easily installed in existing timber floors after a home is built, is installed from underneath the house, between the floor joists, and fixed in place with Optimo straps. The insulation has been developed so it is rigid enough to hold itself in place between the joists, but soft enough to be easily manipulated and installed.

Optimo can also be installed in new homes during construction. With a maximum optimo bradfordR-value of R2.5, Optimo blitzes the competition as the highest thermally rated sub-floor insulation product on the market, which will result in a significant improvement in energy efficiency and home comfort when installed.

“A home with a suspended timber floor experiences heating and cooling loss, by as much as 15%, and by installing sub-floor insulation homeowners can improve the heating and cooling energy efficiency of a poorly designed house by as much as 80%, if installed in conjunction with wall, ceiling, ventilation and window and door seals,” Ashley said.

“DIY homeowners can now easily install this insulation under an existing suspended timber floor themselves. This saves them both money on installation and reduced heating and cooling costs for their home.

“Optimo is also easier to install in newly constructed homes than other products and being the only sub-floor insulation to provide thermal, acoustic and fire resistance properties, there is a great benefit to builders and home owners alike.“