We offer a discount for a Do It Yourself Measure.

  1. Explore our product pages and choose the insulation that is right for you. Refer to the government’s insulation information sheet for help choosing the right R value. Click here Yourhome site
  2. Measure up your home to work out how much insulation you need. The ceiling area is determined by measuring the outside dimensions of your home and subtracting any areas where insulation is not required, such as patios (as shown in the example to the right).
  3. Check the width of your ceiling rafters, they will be either 450mm or 600mm.
  4. Input this information into our handy price calculator to determine the cost of your insulation. If you have any problems, call Insulation Australia on 03 9873 7255 and he will guide you through this process. Alternatively, you may wish to fill in an online contact page with any questions.
  5. Call or contact Insulation Australia online to place an order.
  6. Install insulation by laying batts in between ceiling rafters. The batts must be butted closely up to one another to ensure there are no gaps. A gap of approximately 50mm should be left around flue pipes, exhaust fans, recess lights, etc.

The standards widths of our insulation products will suit 90% of all homes, however, where necessary, small pieces can be easily ripped or cut to fill smaller spaces.

Our insulation is safe and easy to install, with no protective clothing or equipment required.

Call Chris on 0406 500 449 if you are having problems. He will help you through this process. Have a go. It’s easy.

Alternatively you can use the form below to get in touch.